Arash Gohari Biography


Arash Gohari has over 15 years experience and an extensive background in finance, deal structuring, valuation, business development, due diligence and operations of fast-growing companies. 


Mr. Gohari started his career at Lehman Brothers in 1997 and was quickly promoted to being the Associate Chief Investment Strategist. Aside from developing Lehman’s view on the equity and debt markets, Mr. Gohari was part of the team that managed Lehman Brothers' internal stock portfolio fund which had over $2 billion under management.


In 2002, Mr. Gohari left Lehman Brothers to co-found of Aston Partners, a private equity firm and remained there until 2010. In 2003, Mr. Gohari co-founded and assumed the role of Vice President of Dava Pharmaceuticals. After the founding of Dava, Mr. Gohari left day to day operations at Aston and focused on Growing Dava Pharmaceuticals from a company with no revenue in 2003 to a significant player in the pharmaceutical industry with over $300 million in revenue. In 2014, Dava Pharmaceuticals was sold to a public company, Endo International, for $600 million.


Mr. Gohari left the day to day operations as Aston and Dava to found The Xerxes Group in 2010.


Mr. Gohari attended the University Of Pennsylvania Law School as well as the Masters Program at The Stern School of Business at NYU. Mr. Gohari completed his undergraduate degree as well at The Stern School of Business at NYU.