Daniel Gohari has over 15 years of experience in real estate acquisition, leasing, management, financing, marketing and construction. Mr. Gohari has had various key roles at The Moinian Group since its inception, taking a crucial role in its development from a small-to-mid-size real estate company to one of the largest owners of real estate in New York City, and United States.


Mr. Gohari was Vice President of The Moinian group for 6 years. Under his leadership, the company’s portfolio has grown from 2 million to 20 million sf. Mr. Gohari, along with his lean 40-person team, headed TMG’s national commercial and retail real estate portfolio, including buildings such at 3 Columbus Circle (a 725,000 sqft commercial office building formerly know as “The Newsweek Building”), 180 Maiden Lane (1.1 million sqft), 530 Fifth Avenue (500,000 sqft), Sears Tower, and Renaissance Tower to name a few. Mr. Gohari’s leasing expertise has been the key to maintaining occupancy rates in the New York portfolio high above the industry average at approximately 98%. Over his tenure at TMG Mr. Gohari was involved in over $3.5 billion of leasing transactions.


Mr. Gohari has established relationships with major tenants as well as with financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Dreyfus Bank, and Prime tenants like Columbia University, American Eagle and Duane Reade. Mr. Gohari’s financing experience stems from multiple transactions over the past 9 years with the closing of 3 Columbus Circle and the refinancing of 60 Madison Avenue. Prior to running TMG’s commercial portfolio, Mr. Gohari ran TMG’s midtown portfolio and was project manager of the construction of a 425,000 sqft residential development on 54th street and Eighth Avenue, The Marc, TMG’s first ground up development.


Mr. Gohari graduated from NYU Stern School of Business in 2001 with a degree in finance.  Mr. Gohari also finished at the top of his class in a Strategic Negotiations program at Harvard University.

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